Advent week 2: Keeping my peace despite plans failing

We’re over half way through the Advent period already. Last week, Week 2, was hectic with unplanned for meetings, play dates and shopping trips throwing out my Advent plans. I had two choices, be upset that my plans weren’t being followed or keep focused on the present and getting the most out of each day. I would love to say that I was peaceful and loving all week, with an angelic like nature. I would be lying! Overall though, it was a good week, which ended in an amazing night away with my hubby celebrating our 10 year anniversary and my favourite Christmas event- Heathridge Carols in the Park run by my church.
If you have missed any of the Advent posts, you can catch up on my plans here and my review of Week 1 here 
Here is a breakdown of our week of Advent:
Kindness Angel
Her two planned visits ended up only being one when an impromptu beach play date occurred. The one day was a brilliant one though. She asked us to go shopping for the Christmas food hampers that my church gives out to families in need in our community. We have had over 165 hamper requests this year and the need is great. My daughter was given a shopping list that had pictures for her to match to items that were needed. She LOVED going shopping for this and really seemed to grasp that this was to bless other people.

Unwrapping the Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp
My concerns that she is too young for this were further confirmed this week when she now refuses to listen at all and didn’t want to colour the ornaments. She still enjoys unwrapping them and looking at the book herself so we will persist with the occasional one line read to her. She suddenly coloured three the other day that had been left blank. Can you spot the one that Daddy helped her with?!

Truth in the Tinsel
I only attempted one activity last week instead of the extra I had planned but she seemed to enjoy it. We looked at Mary and Elizabeth and the story of John the Baptist leaping in Elizabeth’s womb when Mary visited. Issy loved colouring the dolls but got frustrated dressing them. She also loved doing big jumps pretending to be the baby. She was in a very blue mood that day apparently!

‘Then Came Jesus’ by Lara Williams
I have kept up with my daily devotional! I love the encouragement each day and seeing the Christmas story through new eyes. Over half way now!
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Carols in the Park
This event has marked the beginning of Christmas for me for the past 10 years. It has been difficult having my husband serving every time since my daughter was born but still a wonderful night with family and friends. This year was one of the best for me as my daughter LOVED it. We spent some time in the afternoon painting each other’s nails. She stayed awake until close to the end, dancing most of the time and loving the music and atmosphere. She loved the Safe Candles this year and asked to go on the camels (real camels they have there to ride each year- I said no) and the teacup ride (I said yes despite having to go on with her even though I hate feeling dizzy). I came prepared this year with headphones and music to try to help with the loudness of the fireworks display at the end which has been a source of meltdowns for my very sound sensitive little girl. It worked beautifully with her falling asleep cuddled on my lap half way through after enjoying watching them with no trace of fear! Here are a few cute pics and a video from last night.

I am now on holidays from work. I am hoping to finish my Christmas shopping and many errands today while my daughter is in daycare to free up time for more Advent craft and fun this week. 
How is your Advent going?