Be careful what you write/pray about! More letting go.

I had somehow developed this idea that following all the growth this year, the roles I had taken on and the writing series I had completed that I was now in for a year of consolidating. I had grown reasonably comfortable and was quite ok with that. Silly me!! 

For quite a while I had been sensing God nudging me to take Netflix off my tablet to help cut down the time suck that it has often been in my days. I kept thinking that I would just control the time and that would be fine. Finally this week, I obeyed. I took the app off of my tablet. I can still access it on TV and my laptop but don’t use these much during the day with my daughter around as they aren’t portable and compatible with my bluetooth headphones. I let go of this as a distraction in my day.

Lo and behold I get a phone call the next day completely out of the blue. This call was offering me a greater role in a ministry that I love. It is, however, a large commitment. I was shocked, excited and daunted. Over the next few days, I prayed, journalled, discussed with my husband and a couple of key prayer partners. The agreement between all these areas was that this would require letting go of other roles that I enjoy. I wrote a post in October talking about exactly this (you can read that here).  Be careful what you write about! You might just be called to take your own advice at times. Today I made the final decision to say yes to that position. That meant having to contact other people to say no to continuing. That is hard. They are good things in my life. They are 

For right now, I choose to say yes to the next big scary step that God is calling me to. I don’t feel fully equipped or capable but didn’t at the start of this year either. He has been faithful in equipping me and increasing my capacity to cope and I know He won’t fail me now. I have had a sense of peace and yes from God in this process. I am reminded of this verse:

I have no idea of what else I may still have to let go of as I enter into this role. Looking back I can see little nudges towards letting go of these roles and aspects of the new position for several months. I love how God works gently changing our hearts in preparation long before it is apparent to us. Onward in the journey of increasing capacity, letting go and growth!

This post was inspired by the Tuesday at Ten link up prompt for this week “Letting go”. You can read other people’s responses by clicking on the image below.