Beating the busyness of this season with intention- free Advent planner resource

This week I shared some thoughts on how we can deal with this cycle of feeling busy every day but also feeling like we get nothing done over at the MOPS Australia blog. I find myself in that place often if I am not intentional with how I structure my days, what I focus on and what I choose to spend time on. I find this is especially true in the Christmas season. The demands on our time seem to reach a crescendo at this time of year. We are rushing here and there and yet we feel like we are always behind. The important things get lost in the muddle.

I have sought to change this in my own life over the past few years. If you’ve been around this space for a while, you know my love for the season of Advent and how it can help to reframe our focus. Getting intentional with planning for this time and helping others do the same is something that I make a priority.

The principles are simple.

  • Make time now to plan for the rest of the year. It’s worth the effort!
  • Decide as a family what is actually important to you in this season. (nuclear first then for extended and/or friendship community family) You cannot do it all so choose where your time and effort will be channelled.
  • Decide on the resources you want to use to help focus on what is important to you and get them now.
  • Do what you can in advance- present shopping, online shopping, slowly stocking up on essentials
  • Plan regular time for yourself- a quiet zone in the morning with an Advent devotional, an evening walk, some creative time- whatever will refresh your soul.

If you are looking for specific ideas to do with a young family, I have shared many in the past here, here and here. I also have some links to my favourite resources here to save your searching time.

For the past few years, I have made an Advent planner resource as a gift for this community. This year is no exception.

I would love to hear what plans you make for this season and how this helps you and your family.