Bite-sized Inspiritment Day 3: Believe

What is it that you believe? Have you ever asked yourself that question or had it asked of you? Have you ever asked it of others? I find it is one of those things that can be so hard to articulate and yet is foundational to who we are and how we behave in this world. Often it is not the words that come easily to our mouths in response that show our true beliefs; it is our actions. I have been challenged by that a lot recently. If I say I believe in something and yet my actions and life don’t reflect that, do I really believe?
I find in this world that our beliefs can be used as weapons. I never want to use mine that way. I want what I believe to shine through in all that I do and be used as a bridge between us. I want to extend what I believe and invite you to do the same. I am getting more comfortable sitting in that place of tension when our beliefs don’t match up. 

Day 3 of the Write 31 Days Challenge using the Five Minute Friday prompts (writing for 5 minutes unedited on a prompt word.)