Capacity for Hearing God

If you’re anything like me, hearing from God seems to come in bursts. I have had incredible times of hearing so much from God through Scripture, dreams, books, podcasts, words from friends and even direct words into my spirit. This journey of increasing capacity began with these experiences. As I sat to write this, I realised that this isn’t the reality right now. Has God changed or stopped speaking? No. Have I been tuning in to listen? Not really. My capacity for hearing Him is so dependent on what I tune in to and how much noise I fill my ears and heart with. The things that block this capacity need whole posts of their own so I will definitely do some soul searching and write those posts too. (Gulp!) 

Hearing from God is really key in my journey. I forget that so often. It is Him growing me, enabling me and changing me that enlarges my ability to fulfil what I am called to each day. How can I do that without hearing Him? Why is it so critical? This is a relationship. No relationship can grow and deepen without communication. How easy is it to pray and give lists of requests but leave zero time for listening? I know this and yet this capacity still fluctuates and fizzles out. I sometimes rely on previous times that He has spoken forgetting that it is an ongoing conversation. At other times I have come to recognise that the silence is because I haven’t acted on what He told me the last time. Thank God for His grace. I can sit and wallow in frustration at myself or I can stop and tune in once more. 

You are ever present. You love beyond measure. You long for relationship but will not force yourself in. I choose to tune in to your still small voice once more. Forgive me for allowing life noise to take over again. Forgive me that this is a prayer I have to pray all too often. Speak, Lord, for your servant is listening.

I love the creativity and variety of ways that God uses to speak to me. How has He spoken to you this week?

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