Christmas is coming! Free gifts for you to help get ready

When you read the words “Christmas is coming!”, did you feel a bubble of excitement or stress or maybe a bit of both? If I think about the gifts that need to be bought and the tasks that need to be completed by then, I start to feel overwhelmed. When I think of Advent, though, I am re-energised. It will soon be time to start the December celebrations and focusing in on the meaning of Christmas for myself and for my daughter. If you have been around my writing for a year or more, you will know that Advent holds a special place in my heart. This year, I am realising that what I choose to do during this season forms a part of how I lead myself and how I lead my daughter. 

Making intentional choices requires some planning and organisation in this busy season. Once again this year, I’ve created a free planner for you to use in planning out Advent activities. I have set out two columns for each day: one for the activities for my daughter and as a family and one for the focus I will be taking for that day personally. You could also use it as one for the activity and the other for the resources you might need. I used this planner last year and loved how it helped me to keep on track with my heart’s desire to cut through the busyness and commercialism of the season. 

The other resource that has become central to the Advent focus with my daughter is the Truth in the Tinsel ebook. Last year was the first year we did the activities daily and we LOVED it. I also loved the printable ornaments which made this achievable. (You can have a look at our Advent activities from last year here)

For the first time, I am able to offer you an exclusive discount code for you to purchase the Truth in the Tinsel ebook for yourself and your family. I am so excited to share this with you. You can sign up below to receive both the Advent planner and the discount code by clicking on the image.