Day 2: Daily God time, accountability and Hello Mornings

I assume that it goes without saying- for my faith to be embedded in my everyday life, I have to be spending time with God everyday. I have had flashes of consistency with this in my life, but it has always been a struggle. There have been many devotionals purchased and started, many reading plans attempted. All with varying levels of impact and completion. This year I finally realised what had been missing- accountability.

It started out with semi-regular catch ups with a friend to check in with how we were going with our daily God time. This was a start but not consistent enough to produce the change I was desiring. The catalyst came in the form of a Facebook post, one of many in my newsfeed that day. A friend posted about the Hello Mornings Challenge that was about to start. She was an Accountability Captain for one of the groups. I had not heard of these challenges before and was intrigued. I joined up, not fully realising what it was all about. Suddenly I was part of an online community of women, studying the same passages, discussing how the Scriptures applied to our lives, praying for each other and being held accountable (but done with love and grace).

That first six week session was the start of a deeper change. God truly rewarded the times I prioritised my time with Him. (The lessons I have learned have been the inspiration for this series.) I have continued to participate in each session this year and now have a deep desire to get into the Bible each day and serve as a co-Accountability Captain with the same friend who had posted on Facebook. The Hello Mornings Challenges also include exercise and planning components. These are still a work in progress for me, but strides forward have been made.

A huge shout out is needed for my amazing husband. He has given me the time I needed to invest in my God time each morning by entertaining our gorgeous girl (not an easy tasks some days!) There are still many times that I have had to get creative in spending time with God while with my daughter. I love that this is a foundation I am building into her life as well.

The next session of Hello Mornings is about to start on the 6th October. Do you need more accountability? Maybe this post is your catalyst. Click below to find out more.