Day 29: Changing the world from where I am

When did I start thinking that I need a position to make a difference in this world? I shared at the start of this series that I had been feeling trapped. There are all of these issues in the world that call at my heart. But what can I do while being a mother, a wife, a teacher, a housekeeper and all the roles I play in life? This is what I have been wrestling with.

I have always known in my head that we can help no matter where we are. It takes a little longer to sink into my heart. I think that part of the issue is that I want to get my hands dirty, so to speak. I want to be there in person. This is not a reality for me in this current season. This is what I have concluded for my season in life:

  • Raising my daughter is one of the most important parts I have to play in changing the world. The time and energy I put into her will help her to blossom into a world changer too. It also shapes my character in a way that nothing else does.
  • While I don’t have much extra cash flow around, I am blessed that I am able to give small amounts here and there. The $10 or $20 that I am able to give may not be much on its own but will combine with other donations to make a real difference. If we all would give just a small amount, the impact would be huge.
  • I have had the pleasure of sponsoring a Compassion child for almost 11 years now. It may not be much to me to have that amount leave my account each week or write a letter and pray but to her, it is everything. She wants to be a teacher. What an awesome privilege to enable someone else to achieve their dreams. Who knows what ripples that will create through her home country of India?
  • I can pray. If you don’t believe in God or the power of prayer, this may seem like a cop out. To me, this is a vital part of my role in God’s kingdom.  I believe in the difference that prayer can make. I have had special friends encourage me in this area whenever I feel that I am not living up to my dreams of helping.
  • I can raise awareness of issues close to my heart. One organisation that has captured my attention is the A21 Campaign, which seeks to end human trafficking. The simple act of wearing one of their bracelets can open conversations about this issue that so many are ignorant of. I can share Facebook statuses. I may even be brave enough to rally some people to help me to organise a Walk for Freedom to raise awareness and funds here in Perth, Australia next year.
  • I work in a unique area of teaching where I have access to very broken students coming from traumatic backgrounds, dealing with mental health issues or having been bullied. I have the opportunity to speak into their lives and help them to change their future. This can feel like a huge responsibility but I know that God has placed me in this position for a reason and will continue to equip me for this work. I am with Alta-1 College until He moves me on.
Who do you have influence over right now? What has God placed on your heart? Search out ways to help right where you are. Change your perspective on what you do and recognise that God has you exactly where He wants you. Keep listening to Him, building your relationship with Jesus and embracing the opportunities in your everyday life. (Yes, this is written for me to remember.)