Don’t miss this Advent Study Power Pack!

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I have talked about my love for Hello Mornings in a previous post (read it here). The last session for the year finished up last week. In the lead up to the end, I was trying to decide on an Advent study to do in the lead up to Christmas. It is so easy to get caught up in the pressures of the season. I have at times already succumbed to stress over what presents to get for people and plans for the season and it is only November! I have been making plans for how to focus on Christ in this season with my daughter (stay tuned for a post on those plans) but I hadn’t found the right resource for my personal times with God.
To my delight, an Advent Study Power Pack was announced. (Hello Mornings provides a basic reading and reflection plan to all participants with more in depth studies available for purchase through the Power Packs). This study won’t be run as a formal session, which means no commitment to daily check ins or needing to be part of an online group. The study, ‘Then Came Jesus’, has been written by Lara Williams and includes readings that you can do with your family as well as for personal study. The Power Pack also includes a beautiful Christmas song by Shaun Groves and a printable journal to complement the study. Hello Mornings has worked to keep these packs very affordable for only US$5! I have my pack downloaded and ready to go.
Are you interested in joining me doing this study? Maybe you have a friend or family member that you would like to do this with. Click on the picture below to take you to the site to purchase a Power Pack for yourself. If you have the means, maybe purchase a donated pack while there to bless another person who is unable to afford this.

P.S. A heartwarming moment this evening- my daughter spontaneously singing ‘Jesus Loves Me’ for the first time and enjoyed singing together with me.