Easter is fast approaching- what I’m doing to keep the focus on Jesus

As always plans haven’t quite worked out in the lead up to Easter, however, in roads have been made. 
Sense of the Resurrection
In this post, I talked about the Sense of the Resurrection ebook that I planned to use during lent with my daughter. We have done five out of the twelve activities so far. My darling girl has been in a non-craft mood that past few weeks so it has been a struggle to get her to participate some days. I ended up going with mostly doing the flag options to take some of the pressure off. The quick style of this option has been suiting us better while still getting her to engage in the real meaning behind Easter.

 Day 1: representing the perfume jar that Mary used to wash Jesus’ feet. Issy was thrilled to be allowed to use my perfume.

Day 2: looking at the palm Sunday story. Gathering leaves in the garden was fun.

Day 3: Jesus washing his disciples’ feet. I wanted to wash Issy’s feet as a demonstration but she insisted on washing mine. Painting is always a hit so she enjoyed this one.

Day 4: the last supper looking at bread as a symbol of Jesus’ body being broken. She loved this one but all she remembered was that we had bread when asked later.

Day 5: Jesus’ robe representing his royalty and the humiliation that accompanied his trial. Glueing anything makes an activity worthwhile in her eyes!
Amanda White (the creator of Sense of the Resurrection) has developed shorter schedules to complete key aspects of this if you still want to join in. Check out her website post here for some ideas that all fit into one week. I’m not sure if we will get anymore done as we are away next week at a staff retreat and then camping. I’ve printed out the flags at least so may take them to colour in if nothing else. I am trying to let go of my perfectionist tendency to have to get everything done exactly as specified.
Click the image below to purchase your own copy (affiliate link in the interest of disclosure)
My daughter is in love with Veggietales. Last year we bought her the Very Veggie Easter CD and it is currently on repeat in the car. Thankfully, I really enjoy this too and figure that I can handle it for the short season (and it will then return to a cupboard until next Easter!!). She is starting to get that it is Easter coming up, although initially kept asking for the Christmas CD. 
Yesterday, we also bought An Easter Carol DVD for her to watch. She has asked for it 3 times already so I guess it is a hit! I love that we have access to so many resources to reinforce what Easter is really about in such fun and accessible ways.
Easter Sunday
I have gone back and forth trying to figure out what to do on Easter Sunday. We will be camping which adds another challenge. Chocolate is out of the question as my daughter is dairy intolerant so that is one easy decision! I have bought her a book (an Easter tradition in my family) and a card game for an Easter gift. Before giving these to her, I am using these toddler/preschooler version of Resurrection Eggs for an egg hunt for a bit of fun in the morning. 
What are you doing for Easter this year?