Gather your reserves and keep moving.

Winter has hit with a vengeance here in Perth. Maybe I can blame my desire to hide and hibernate on that? It plays a part but is not the real reason when I am honest with myself. The narcotic of numbing distraction calls loudly. The desire to switch off and retreat from all I am pursuing looms large.

I know from past experience that this happens when I am tired. It sometimes indicates that greater rest is needed. The battle I face. though, is that I can use that as a justification for shrinking back from hard things. I can claim I am taking the more noble path of caring for myself instead of facing the reality that I am running away from the challenge rather than running to rest. I am learning to look for the subtle difference.

Recognising the difference in what is driving me is helping me to keep moving today. I know that even if I chose to give myself a day off to rest and recharge, I wouldn’t actually feel refreshed at the end of it as the real issue would still be hanging over my head. So today I gather my reserves and charge forward.

Today I will conquer the technical difficulties I have been battling in getting my book submitted to the printer and will not listen to the voice telling me to give up on the idea completely. Today I will complete that form needed for the next tough deep dive into my self-development. Today I will face the conversations and emails that feel so tense (but probably aren’t that bad in reality.) Today I will switch off my computer in the evening and do something creative with my hands. Today I will give myself permission to let other balls drop and the rest of the to-do list slide over to another day.

What do you need to give yourself permission for today? What does your list of facing hard things and keeping moving include?