Goodbye, distractions.

Hello there, distractions.

It seems you didn’t disappear while I was away. Somehow I thought the break from you might cause you to fade. And yet, here you are still calling me away from what I had planned to do and achieve. I guess you will always be here in one form or another. You are part of life.

I know that you have been a significant part of my days. We’ve even had fun together while ignoring the to-do list. I need to let you know that things will be changing around here. You see, I have some big dreams and plans ahead. I am working towards being the person who can live out those dreams and plans. The me that I am right now that indulges in time with you far too much can’t make it to those goals.

We need to break up. I’m not saying there is never a time for you in my week. I still need that downtime but you cannot take up the time that you do now. This won’t be easy. You see, you are really me- my choices, my thinking patterns and my priorities. It would be easier if you were another entity- the specific app or piece of technology or activity that I could simply cull. But you are me and can take on many forms.

I know that I have been down this path before. Maybe you are even laughing at me. This time it’s different. This is my line in the sand and the stand that I am making. I have invested in help to change my thinking and my choices. I have taken steps forward towards those dreams that force me to action. I cannot stay in this relationship anymore. It is too unhealthy for me.

So goodbye, distractions. I know you will still try to divert my attention. I know that I will even still slip up at times. But today our relationship has changed.