How I’m working on my productivity in order to savour my life: Apps

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a tech girl. I blame being married to an I.T. guy but really it is just part of who I am. I use apps and technology to help me to focus, to manage my projects and collaborate with others. Of course, I also use technology and apps to procrastinate and waste time too!

Here are a few I am finding helpful right now:


Pomodoro: During my work blocks of time, I often use the Pomodoro technique to help me to focus. There are a plethora of apps that help you to monitor this with varying levels of customisation and price tag. I use a free version.

Music: I love using music to help me to focus. Spotify is my favourite way to listen. Generally, I choose uplifting music with words when working on anything that isn’t writing but need instrumental music when I am really focused.

To do lists and projects:

Google Tasks: This is my most recent discovery. It hooks straight in to my Gmail account and I can set emails as to do items through it. I can also add items via the phone app or web browser. I still use paper for many things but find actioning emails perfect through this system.

Trello: A great project management option that you can share with others as well. I use it to track what I need to do with various projects and use colour-coded labels for a quick visual progress reminder.

Mailchimp: I have found the phone app handy for doing quick check-ins and edits on email campaigns without needing to pull out my whole computer.


Zoom: I love this option for online calls and webinars. It has fabulous sharing screen options, recording options and even a “whiteboard”.

This will be the last of the productivity mini-series. You can check out the post about my bullet journal and block scheduling.

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