Inspiration Monday: Favourite Podcasts

We live in a day and age of having access to more resources than we can possibly use in a life time. Every Monday of this series, I plan to share some of the resources that I have found inspiring, challenging and have helped me in my journey of increasing capacity. The focus of this post will be the podcasts that I listen to regularly. 

I found this one quite randomly through Instagram. One person I follow either shared a repost or talked about a new podcast that her friend was about to launch. I will admit that it was the artwork that first caught my eye. It was while I was looking at everything feathers for the MOPS decor I was helping to put together. When I went on Amy J. Bennett’s website to find out more behind why she chose feathers, I was blown away. God had already been inspiring me with the feathers imagery at MOPS and this took it to a whole new level. 
I love the focus on sharing faith stories of ordinary people. I love that she doesn’t only choose people who are well known (although those ones are awesome too!) I love that the outcomes and journeys of the stories are often not what you would expect them to be based on a world view of success and yet highlights how much God works through it all. 

It wasn’t long after I got involved in Hello Mornings that I started listening to the Inspired to Action podcast. Kat Lee (who does this podcast) was the founder of Hello Mornings. She is also the person who developed both the planner and blog planner that I use. 
I could probably listen to this podcast for the pep talk at the beginning alone. It gives me a boost every time! She also focuses on people’s stories of their own experiences with faith. Motherhood is definitely a huge focus but I like that it is not only about parenting but about the spiritual and soul well being of the individual as well. 

God Centered Mom
There may be a theme in why I like these podcasts because this is another one that focuses on faith, parenthood and people’s stories. It is another one that gives me a boost in how I feel about being a mum. Heather MacFadyen is upfront and honest about how hard it is to be a mother of four boys and has some brilliant guests that inspire me. I can’t quite remember how I found this one but I think it was from another blogger or maybe podcast that mentioned some of their favourite podcasts. This one appealed to me. 

I have long admired Christine Caine. Her podcast is very different to the others in my list. It kind of feels like I’m being whacked in the face at times as she definitely doesn’t hold back the truth. I need that at times. It cuts away the excuses. She is honest and upfront and full of Godly wisdom. This carries more of a leadership and living out faith focus that has taught me much. 

I listen to other podcasts at times but these four are my go to list. God has used each of these in different ways to teach me, convict me and inspire me. I am grateful for the technology that allows me to access these and even more so for these women who give up their time and energy to produce these. 

What are some of your favourite podcasts?

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