January verses for SSMT

We are fast heading through the first month of 2015. I am participating in the Siesta Scripture Memory Team this year, which involves choosing a new Scripture to memorise on the first and fifteenth of each month. You get to choose your own Scriptures so that they are meaningful to you. Once a month I will share the verses I am memorising and how they are speaking to me.

Relying on my own strength to try to do all I feel called to has been a huge downfall of mine. God’s strength is available to me if I choose to access it. I love that this verse reminds me that God is my strength and that He is also my source of bravery and courage. I need some bravery as I look ahead to all that I am wanting to do this year, especially in my new role at MOPS. I am excited but daunted too. The part about God causing me to walk also spoke to me. Step by step progress is what I need, not overwhelming myself by trying to run ahead or look at it all at once. The Amplified Bible elaborates on the “high places” to include responsibility. This current season I am walking through doesn’t have significant suffering or trouble (apart from ongoing sleep issues I guess) but I do have an increasing amount of responsibility this year. God is increasing my capacity which is leaving me feeling stretched and the year is only just beginning!

Joy, peace and hope- what’s not to love about this verse!! “All joy” was the first part to grab my attention. How different would my everyday moments be if I was operating out of the joy of the Lord more often? I also love that the peace comes from believing and experiencing faith. It is not an airy, fairy concept but a reminder that it is the on the ground daily living and believing what God says that brings this peace. I long to live in this peace and not be so up and down in my emotions and anxiety levels. Don’t you love the word picture of hope overflowing and bubbling over? I want to be so full of hope that it overflows into those around me, especially my students. There are so many that are hopeless and need that!

If you are participating in SSMT or any other Scripture Memorisation, share your verses in the comments!