Leading up to Easter with my daughter: a Sense of the Resurrection

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I have never gone to a traditional church where Lent was celebrated and adhered to. I have mostly ignored it to be honest! I have done a couple of fasts for Lent in the past few years, however, and last year I did a devotional in the lead up to try to recapture the full meaning of the cross in my life.
I have been doing a kids devotion with my daughter each morning. I don’t know how much has been going in but I trust that the concepts and Scriptures will get through eventually. I have been stuck on how much to talk about the core of our salvation though. I don’t really want to be talking about death with her at only three years old. She is quite a sensitive and anxiety-prone kid. I also didn’t want to shy away from the truth and end up with a wishy washy and untrue picture of faith. Enter “A Sense of the Resurrection” by Amanda White. I used some of her Advent activities in the lead up to Christmas last year and loved the format of Scripture being incorporated into craft activities with ways to discuss the topic with kids. I purchased the book and then forgot to download it! Thankfully Amanda kindly reactivated my download link quickly so that I could get started today. There are not 40 activities to try to do, thankfully. Twelve activities carefully chosen to incorporate the five senses are included in the book. I aim to do one this week and then two each week leading up to Easter. We will be away for the last week before Easter so I may have to adjust this but we’ll see. I love that there are printable flags that you can use instead of the full craft activity if you prefer.
Today we did Day 1 of the activities. Issy was SO excited to do something special. She has no concept of it being Lent really but that isn’t the important part. I did the printable flag activity today, getting her to paint it. I then got her to smell a few of my perfumes and essential oils and she chose one to add some drops to the flag. 

I am really looking forward to exploring the Easter story with Isabel through these activities.
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