My Capacity as a Writer

This is the second last post in my series for the 2015 Write 31 Days Challenge. I actually can’t believe that I’ve done it. What is even more remarkable to me is that people in my real life and those I’ve met online have been encouraged and responded to my words. I write to bring God glory for what He has done in me; I write to share encouragement with others; I write to know myself better. For the first time ever, I am starting to consider myself a writer. 

From a young age, I loved words and putting those words together. I have won awards for pieces I wrote in primary school and was even a finalist in a national competition in high school. Despite all this, I have never regarded myself as a writer. I have received three prophecies from five prophets (two individuals and a team of three) in two different countries over the course of my teen years. Every single one talks about me writing a book one day. It is something that I have filed at the back of my mind but could never bring myself to believe. 

Then when I veered far from God’s path in my late teens, I was convinced in my core that I had forfeited all right to these prophecies. It has been 12 years since that tumultuous time in my life. God has done some incredible healing work in my life over that time but there has still been that niggle deep down that I will have to settle for second best in His plans for me. I don’t think I realised how much that is still inside until I sat down to write this post and the tears started flowing. That belief is a lie. 

I am a writer, as God created me to be. I don’t know what that will look like in the future. There may be seasons of very few words. I do know that the ability to sit and have words flow out this month has been energising, uplifting and brought joy in my life. My capacity as a writer has come leaps and bounds in this challenge. I am more confident to seek out opportunities to further this in my life. I recognise the need for this avenue of thought to have space in my life, although I don’t think that will be daily after this month is over! 

So now, I keep leaning in to God. He is the source of truth, grace and wisdom in my life. Without Him, my words will not have the foundation that I desire. I choose to be open to how He may use me in the future, whatever and whenever that is. is celebrating all of the amazing Write 31 Days readers who are supporting nearly 2,000 writers this October! To enter to win a $500 DaySpring shopping spree, just click on this link & follow the giveaway widget instructions. Good luck, and thanks for reading!

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