Planning for Advent: including a free printable!

How fast is this year going?! Advent is almost upon us. I loved being intentional with planning Advent activities to do with my daughter last year. I did go quite overboard though trying to include several different ideas all into one season. This year, I plan to pare back a bit and be more focused. I don’t want Advent to become a stressed, rushed time as that defeats the purpose of meditating on and preparing our hearts for the real message of Christmas. 
To help me prepare for Advent so that I can reduce the stress during December, I created an Advent planner for myself. Before putting up more posts sharing the activities that I plan to do in the Advent season, I thought I would share this planner with you. There are 2 versions below: a PDF copy that you can print out and complete by hand if that is what you prefer or the Word version that you can edit to make it work for you. I included the weekend before December actually begins as that is when our family usually decorates. I have included two boxes for each day to allow you to list activities on one side and supplies on the other (my preference), split into activities for the kids and personal Advent reflections or record activities on one side and have the other for comments on how they worked to refer to next year. Make the planner work for you. Just because there are boxes for every day does NOT mean you have to do something everyday to get the benefit of Advent. There is also a one page overview if you are wanting to keep it really simple. 

I hope this planner helps you to get organised this Advent.
Keep a look out for the posts that will share more details about what I am hoping to do this Advent. You can click on the images below for a sneak peek at a couple of books that will be a large part of it. (contain affiliate links which help support me at no extra cost to you)