round up

Round up of words from 2020

Sharing encouragement and inspiration with you is one of my great joys. It helps me to know what is going on in my head too! This online space is not the only place where I share words. I will be taking a break from publishing words (apart from social media so stay in touch there) for the rest of the year. Before I do, I wanted to round up all of the words I’ve shared in other online spaces for you to peruse here. Maybe you’ll find some encouragement to see you through this season too.

Kin Women

What freedom means to me

Find out who you are and do it on purpose

Lead Different

MOPS Australia

Stop checking your phone and be present

Diving into play: a list of ideas for you

You’re a good mother: an open letter to mums

Take the Weltschmerz and grow

Balancing work and motherhood

How to fear less when it all feels out of control

Perko’s Podcast

I was a part of this conversation. Mostly listening but contributing a little too.

Part 1:

Part 2 coming soon.

I would love to hear what was the most encouraging to you from this round up of words.

May the rest of your year be filled with moments of gratitude, joy and peace.