Seeking happiness- Five Minute Friday

Seeking to be happy seems to consume so many in our world. Even in our parenting, we are so often wanting our children to be happy. I wonder if we are shortchanging ourselves and our kids? I am blessed to have many moments of being happy but it is always fleeting and temporary. We cannot live life perpetually happy. Life is full of the low times, the neutral times as well as the happy times. It is this rich tapestry that is woven to give our lives meaning, depth, wholeness. 
Instead of happiness, I want to seek joy. I am still working out the real meaning of this but have a sense that joy is an entirely different animal. I have a sense of it being a deep soul state that lasts through the changeable situations of life. I want that. For me, I seek this through my faith and I think I am finding it. I know what it is to live in depression. I am not in that place now, even with exhaustion and stress and having to sort through some issues. Joy sustains me.

This post was inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt word “happy”. Five Minute Friday is a community of writers that write furiously for only five minutes on the same prompt. A different way of writing and I love to see what thoughts flow through my fingers. You can read the other posts here.
There are also details of a book release in that post. That book contains some of my words!