Sneaky preview of the first chapter…

You, my reader, are why I write. I listen to your pain, your frustrations and your struggles and I draw out the encouragement for you that lies in my soul. As a thank you for taking time out of your day to be here when you could be scrolling through another corner of the internet, I wanted to share not just a few quotes, but the whole first chapter of my book. Only 1 more week before this releases into the world!

Why this book?

My mobile phone rings. I know there is little battery left and I run to my bedroom to plug it in. I answer the phone leaning on the edge of my bed, with the power cord stretched as far as it goes. The voice at the other end is one I know well. The question she asks me is to take on the next stage in the rocket blast of leadership. I feel my legs tremble and I sit straight on the floor. Has she called the right person? Surely she meant to call someone else! I look around at the overflowing laundry hamper, the toys I can see in the lounge and the bag that serves as my filing system. I take my next brave step and agree to pray about it and discuss it with my husband.

Being asked to consider the State Leader[1] role came out of the blue and was a catalyst to further evaluate what I knew about leadership and what it would take for me to be effective if I said yes.

If you had told me the year before that I would be transitioning into the MOPS[2] Western Australia State Leader position, I would have told you that you had the wrong person. I had no concept of the journey I would find myself on over that year and where I would continue to find myself in subsequent years. At the time, I was on the leadership team at my local MOPS group. I was also helping to organise the State Conference as my friend had taken on the Conference Coordinator[3] role. Shortly after the conference in October 2015, I was approached to take on the Region Leader[4] role for the northern suburbs of my city. This mainly involved being a support to the Coordinators and other leaders of the groups, training them and helping to resolve issues.

I wrestled with the decision. I had to fight feeling inadequate, debate if my schedule could accommodate the extra responsibilities and assess whether my family would cope with the extra weekends away from them. I discussed it with my husband, parents and trusted friends. I prayed and listened. Then I summoned my courage and said yes to the Region Leader position. I had only been a Region Leader for a term when I received that next call to ask me to consider taking over the State Leader role for the following year.

Little did I know that the journey would not end there. A few months into my State Leader role, we were working through training on succession planning. The MOPS Field Manager at the time asked me and a couple of others to keep her role in mind as a possibility for future years when she was ready to step down. None of us had an inkling that the moment would come within six months. Making this decision generated another season of wrestling, praying and discussing.  Once more, the answer was yes.

I have already learned so much in the process of considering and transitioning into each new role. The more I discover, the more I have questions and ponderings to be answered. I make no claim to be an expert in leadership. I can only share the experience and knowledge I have gained in my journey so far. This journey has ignited a passion for leadership within me and a passion to bring other women like me along for the ride.

This book was originally birthed through the Write 31 Days Challenge 2016, where the aim was to write every day in October. This was my third year writing for the challenge. I was undecided about participating, after an intense few months leading up to October. Three weeks before the challenge, I attended the Fresh Leadership Conference here in Perth. I had been sick and barely made it to the conference but felt strongly that I needed to be there. Within the first hour, I had a download experience—the concept and basic outline for a series on leadership filled my mind. When God spoke in that way, I had to choose to be obedient.

I want to take you on this journey with me to explore what I have learned about leadership, the challenges I’ve faced, the resources I turn to and what I still want to learn. Maybe you have been in leadership for a long time and want to see through fresh eyes. Maybe you are like me and are taking steps to a new level of leadership. Maybe you do not even see yourself as a leader but something inside of you is drawn to this concept. My heart is to inspire and encourage you, while I reflect and learn myself.

[1] MOPS State Leader role: oversees all MOPS groups in a state, recruits, trains and supports Region Leaders, provides administrative oversight and conflict resolution support, and plans the leadership training for the annual State Conference.

[2] MOPS stands for Mothers of Preschoolers. Find out more at

[3] The Conference Coordinator plans the State Conference in collaboration with the State Leader.

[4] Region Leader role: provides leadership training and support to the leaders of 3-6 MOPS groups

Does your heart resonate with my story? Want to read more?

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