Stepping towards the next comfort zone: a Five Minute Friday post

How can I simultaneously be so drawn to staying in my comfort zone and restless to break free at the same time? When did the step that felt so huge become my comfort zone? Where am I seeking comfort? Tomorrow I am stepping (leaping?) out of my comfort zone and meeting up with other writers in a cafe. I have never met a single one of these women. I feel I can barely qualify as a writer in this season. And yet I am drawn to it. Comfortable can be so uncomfortable too. I need something to shake up the status quo, particularly in my writing life or lack thereof. I am turning to distraction for comfort once more instead of leaning into the disquietude and exploring it with my words. The words are bubbling in the back of my mind but I give them no outlet. I stop and remember that what feels new and uncomfortable so quickly turns into a new normal. That quest for stretching out is a never-ending process if I want to be fully me. That changes on a frequent basis. It seems easier on a day where I have stayed in my pyjamas and not stepped past my front door to keep going with that mentality, to stay where it is comfortable. I choose to step towards the next comfort zone instead.

This was written in response to the Five Minute Friday prompt word “comfort” this week. Five minutes set on a timer- no editing, no planning, just writing. It feels good to be back today. 
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