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    My focus for a new year- 2022

    Don’t you wish that a new year actually meant a completely fresh start? We hear so much rhetoric around this. It leaves me feeling disillusioned or like I am failing somehow. The reality is that the challenges I was facing last year didn’t magically disappear when I switched to a new calendar. I am still the same person bringing in the same habits and thinking patterns. The external circumstances haven’t changed and, in fact, are likely to get worse over the coming months. It would be easy to give in to despair and write off setting any goals or intentions. I have a choice whether to stay in victim mode…

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  • Dealing with the multitude of seed ideas.

    Several weeks ago, my daughter and I planted some seeds. They were from a mixed collection gathered from my mother-in-law’s garden. I couldn’t remember what most of them were and this was our second attempt at growing them in this section of garden. We didn’t really focus on a specific plan for planting with placement or type. I let my daughter unleash her creative chaos. We now have a section of green sprouts of many varieties. I have no idea what some of them will become or which ones will survive. There are too many in too close contact for them all to thrive. I am not a knowledgable gardener…

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