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    My focus for a new year- 2022

    Don’t you wish that a new year actually meant a completely fresh start? We hear so much rhetoric around this. It leaves me feeling disillusioned or like I am failing somehow. The reality is that the challenges I was facing last year didn’t magically disappear when I switched to a new calendar. I am still the same person bringing in the same habits and thinking patterns. The external circumstances haven’t changed and, in fact, are likely to get worse over the coming months. It would be easy to give in to despair and write off setting any goals or intentions. I have a choice whether to stay in victim mode…

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  • pursuing who not what

    Pursuing ‘who’ not ‘what’ this year

    Let’s pause together and take a breath. The start of the year has been full of new possibilities, goal setting and uncertainty. I normally love the start of a new year and getting to dream for the time ahead. This year has challenged me. I wrestled with reflecting and setting goals. Part of me didn’t feel ready to be back in the midst of responsibilities and growth. I have set goals but hold them loosely in many ways. More than ever, I realise it is more about who I am becoming in the pursuit of those goals than ticking off a specific metric. I am pursuing ‘who’ not ‘what’ this…

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  • Courage- the word I didn’t want as my word for 2020

    Prefer audio? Listen to this post on https://jokoepke.substack.com/ Do you choose a word for your year? I have for the past several years. Some years I keep that word in front of me and lean into it fully. Other years I have to keep finding where I originally wrote it down because I cannot even remember what I chose. Some years it has played a significant part in my growth and other years it hasn’t made a dent. I keep going back to this strategy and have included my word, ‘courage’, in my 2020 manifesto. Towards the end of last year, I was turning my mind ahead to 2020 and…

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  • Staying tethered

    Do you ever feel like you are getting lost in your own thoughts and find it hard to return to the real world? Does the lure of distraction and numbing tug at you constantly? Me too. There are times when I think I might just get lost and untethered permanently. Of course, this is often linked to times of overwhelm or pain but I am recognising more and more that there is a natural inclination in myself towards this. It can be both a strength and a challenge in many ways.

  • Your invitation to recalibrate your word of the year.

    How has your “word for the year” impacted your life so far? Did you ever get around to setting a focus for your year? If you did, can you even remember what it is? I confess that there have been many times this year that I have had to flick back to the first page of my planner to even remember my word. I can’t help but compare it to last year when my word remained sharp in my focus and seeped into my everyday. The experience has not been the same this year. Maybe you can relate to this. Did we choose the wrong word or phrase to focus…

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