Taking steps to switch off the victim mode and thrive in the midst of a full schedule

Want to listen instead of read?

When the build-up of responsibilities and to-do lists around me starts to tip me off centre, long term planning feels too difficult. I know some of you can relate as we’ve had conversations about this. Taking a long term view and getting intentional that way is important but sometimes we need to pull it back to looking at today.

I could feel some of the overwhelm building this past week. Looking at my planner for each day has been daunting. I had a choice to let this spiral out of control and end up dropping the ball everywhere as I devolve into a mess OR to take small steps right where I am to change the situation.

Time and again we feel out of control and slip into the victim mentality. I am learning to spot the signs of that and turn it around. I am in control of how I spend my time or at the very least, how I react to what is coming at me. I am the one that has chosen to say yes to these different things. I can choose to say no or look at how to be efficient and committed to what is important. I choose not to be a victim of my schedule.

What does that look like? Turning down some events that sound amazing but are not what is most important in an already busy time. Putting down my phone so that I am not tempted to waste precious time. Getting to bed at a reasonable time, sticking to a morning reflection time and exercising so that I am fuelled for the day. Prioritising my tasks and being ok when I need to let go of impossible standards. Embracing the concept of “good enough to move on” from Craig Groeschel’s talk at the Global Leadership Summit. Remembering that so much of what seems like a source of stress is actually an incredible gift that I get to have in my life.

I might need to read this post every day for the next little while to remind myself of my own advice!

What are some ways that you refocus and take steps to thrive in the midst of busyness?

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