Thankful Thursday

On a cold wintery day, in the midst of a week where I am battling exhaustion and re-evaluating where my time is going and how to recharge, Thankful Thursday comes around again. Developing gratitude is good for my soul and focuses my eyes on the good in my life.

This week I am thankful for:
  • The impact that merely 15 minutes spent on the beach can have in soothing the frazzled soul within. An added bonus is the effect it has on my daughter. I watch her light up from the inside while digging her hands in the sand and dipping her feet in the cold ocean. Sheer delight!

  • My husband and our marriage. We are doing a marriage course together as a way to give our relationship a good service and check up. At a session on the weekend we were reminded of the need to appreciate each other and communicate specifically what we appreciate. The words he spoke to me meant so much. This was taken even further when he prayed for me at our church small group meeting, specifically around the MOPS roles I am juggling. I felt quite teary and have had that warm fuzzy feeling whenever I think of it.

  • Taking time to write and inspiration and ideas starting to flow a little more. I haven’t had the opportunity to explore these inklings to the depth I need to put into words but it is coming.

  • I own a domain name!! This feels like a very grown up step for my blog and a step of identifying with being a writer. I am yet to wrap my head around getting this blog to that domain name but watch this space!

  • My daughter’s personality and creative side showing in different ways. Normally when I ask her how she wants her hair done, her answer is pigtails or just a clip. On this day, it was a “swirl around her head”. I was so thankful that I had taken time the evening before to get more organised so that I could say yes to that request. It turned out so well.
I love hearing from you about what you are thankful for. Join me in the link up below or in the comments.

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