Thankful Thursday

Time to hard stop and have eyes to see the good things in my life this week. We have reached the final Thankful Thursday in May and life feels as if it is running on fast forward right now. I am taking these moments to allow my soul to breathe as I push the pause button.

  • A sick daughter may seem an unusual thing to be thankful for (and I’m certainly not too grateful for the very little sleep!) It did allow me to have an extra day at home with her this week with divine cuddles on the couch while watching a movie together. I was reminded again how short this time when she fits in my arms will be. 
  • I had the opportunity to speak at the Subiaco MOPS group about messy play. I love that I now get to visit other groups and share things that I am passionate about. The messy play talk certainly takes significant preparation but I get the added bonus of being a fun mum while I do what has to be done. My daughter loves helping me make up and test the messy play recipes. She helped me with the clean up too!

  • For several days my daughter had been asking me if we could paint our nails. A lazy Saturday morning was the perfect opportunity to have some mother-daughter time with pretty, sparkly nail polish. I am also very thankful that it is cold and wet here requiring closed shoes after the pedicure she gave me!

  • Opportunities to write in the cracks of my days. Many of the words may never be viewed by others, some have been published elsewhere and some are in progress for future. I am learning how to pursue this desire in the midst of my life as it feeds my soul. 
My greatest desire from these posts is to inspire others to stop and take notice of what is good in their daily lives. What are you thankful for today?