Thankful Thursday

It has taken a huge portion of willpower to sit and write this week. I have been caught between the desire to write, the fullness of my brain and time with other matters and being ill. With all of that, this list is needed even more.

  • Spending time with God both on my own and in the midst of life. I have loved the new insights and the peace undergirding my days. 


  • Finding DELICIOUS drinks that are healthy and help me with my new better eating journey.

  • My daughter loving school so much, even if we are dealing with a very tired, cranky little girl more often than usual.

  • Delighting in my daughter’s joy and sense of humour. So many moments in the day where she cracks me up and makes my heart burst. I especially loved watching her revel in her first soccer lesson- the only girl in the class but held her own.