Thankful Thursday

Another week of the year has passed. Another week of life, full of tiredness, busyness, delight, giggles and frustration. Another opportunity to stop and be thankful for the big and small, frivolous and deep.

  • Cool, quiet early mornings in the midst of a record heatwave. To sit in the morning air, listening to the birds and connecting with God has been a restoring joy.

  • Netflix putting up more seasons of Heartland. I love having a show that doesn’t have bad language, innuendo and has heartwarming stories to lose yourself in. Now to work on reducing my binge watching!

  • My little cheerleader. After a frustrating afternoon where she had pulled on a cable and smashed a bright pink glitter lava lamp over her carpet, cushion, teddy bear and numerous toys, I was using our carpet cleaner to attempt to reduce the stain. She stood at the door literally cheering for me and telling me what a great job I was doing. Encouragement pours out of this kid and touches my heart.

  • Sticking to my fitness and healthy eating goals despite wanting to give up at times.

  • My Lent devotional arriving the day before Lent starts. Such perfect timing and a beautiful book by the Naptime Diaries. It is still available digitally if you want to get a little later start.

  • If:gathering 2016. The availability of the broadcast over the weekend was such a blessing. God messed me up in deep ways that I am still figuring out. 

  • Taking delight in my daughter this week. There have been some tough moments with her this week but the unbridled joy that bubbles out of her is infectious.

I love hearing what you are thankful for. Join me in the link up or in the comments.