Thankful Thursday

I love taking note of the small and not so small moments of my life that bring me joy or help to refocus me to the present moment. Each Thursday I want to take the time to recall some of those moments to keep me grounded while I keep writing for this series. Gratitude in my everyday helps me to increase my capacity by looking out of myself and recognising the myriad of blessings surrounding me constantly.

  • Morning walks seeing birds in flight, the last star disappearing and the sunrise.
  • Seeing my daughter’s delight holding a guinea pig after an upsetting experience at a different farm earlier that week.

  • Time writing and spending time with God out in the bush away from all the usual daily distractions.

  • Special time as a family doing things we normally wouldn’t- like going down into a cave! And my husband whose spontaneous and adventurous nature has helped to push me out of my comfort zone on many occasions.

  • Toasted marshmallows on a campfire
  • Encounters with wildlife- like the cheeky possum that was trying to eat little scraps from our plates and pots while I was attempting to wash them! He came right up next to me and was not impressed when I kept taking things away. He even tried eating the scourer at one point. We also saw a baby and mother possum right next to our tent.
  • Scripture colouring book waiting for me when I got home which has provided a different way of connecting with God and meditating on Scripture. (Check out Lorien Atwood and also Craft with Purpose)

I’d love to hear what you are thankful for today.

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