Thankful Thursday

So it seems I was a little hasty in being grateful for a brief battle with a cold last week. I have been more sick this past week than I have in years. I am still fighting hard but feels like a while left in this battle. Finding gratitude  has been far more difficult this week.

  • I am so thankful for my husband this week. He has had to pick up the slack to get essentials done despite an injured back. He even makes night runs to the shops to get treats that will settle my stomach and give me a boost.

  • I am also grateful for my mum who has taken care of my daughter, stayed to help with her bedtime and brought me flowers. My dad also made a shop run for me and I know he is praying for me.

  • I managed to write 3 pieces to submit to the Amen Paper Company Advent devotional. With so many writers contributing, I know the chances of one of my pieces making it in is slim but my creativity and writing brain was sparked and sizzling in a way it hasn’t in a while. I can’t wait for this devotional to be released.

  • My house is filled with flowers at the moment. The ones I received last week are still going strong. I made a bouquet at MOPS under the tutoring of a florist and my mum and daughter bought me more. I love being surrounded by beautiful bits of nature in my home, especially being stuck here so much.

  • Beautiful sunshine days allowing outside play. I wish I could take more advantage of them but love that my girl can get outside and get her hands dirty.

  • The release date of the Five Minute Friday book is drawing closer. One of my pieces is in it along with many other wonderful writers. The best part is the proceeds are going to charity. I love that I can play a small part in impacting lives.

  • I was feeling frustrated with how little I could do this week. I have been wanting to crochet a headband for myself all winter. Hooray for a hobby that requires little energy and can be done reclining. Very happy with the result.

Have you had an easy gratitude week or has it been a struggle? I would love to hear what you are thankful for this week in the comments or through the link up.