Thankful Thursday

The days keep ticking by whether I use them well or waste them, feel overwhelmed or capable, embrace them or dread them. Their progress is not impacted by me. It is my choice how I use my days. On Thursdays, I choose to stop and be thankful.

  • The number one thing on my gratitude list today is the cold I have battled this week. That may seem strange in many ways. I realised today that I am thankful for it as it forced me to rest, it came the worst over a weekend when my husband was home to care for my daughter and me and has seemed to act as a reset button to my stress levels (likely related to the rest). I am bouncing back fairly well without it turning into bronchitis (which used to be the normal with my asthma). 
  • The caring heart my daughter has demonstrated once again this week. From insisting I rest whenever she saw me up and about to her excitement over being given a coin for her money box so that she can “save money to give to kids who don’t have much money so they can pay for shopping.” That care may not always translate into reality (see picture of me attempting to rest below) but her heart is gold.

  • Surprise flowers from my secret office gifter. Our office does a secret Santa type arrangement but it lasts the entire year and you never know when a gift may appear. They brightened my desk at work and now brighten my table at home. 

  • The opportunity to share the great work of MOPS at Beyond‘s Brave Women’s breakfast. The speakers were inspirational and I had the pleasure of having my sister-in-law with me for a much needed catch up. It generated interest in MOPS and may even have resulted in a new MOPS group.

  • Unexpected opportunities to submit writing and actually having ideas flowing for the pieces. Now the challenge to carve out time to sit and get those words out of the swirling ether of my mind on to a document. I am also thankful that I will have extra time over the next few days that I can put towards writing as my husband goes away for the weekend. There are many other tasks that are vying for this space but writing will be my indulgence.
  • My daughter’s love for meeting with our connect group from church. We didn’t go this week as I have been sick and she was devastated! Many tears missing the other members of our group. I especially love this because most of the group don’t have children. The way they have loved Isabel and formed community for her and us warms my heart. I desire strong Godly men and women who can speak truth into her life. They are part of the village that we belong to.
I love hearing about what you are thankful for in the midst of your everyday lives. Leave a comment or link up your own post.