The ever-changing dance of control

The wrestle between control and letting go is an ongoing dance in my life. Sometimes that dance is frenetic with a tugging between my desire to trust and my desire to feel an illusion of safety through control. At other times, it is a slow waltz where I am able to relax a little but can still see that need for control simmering in the background. Just when I think I have the steps of this dance mastered, the music changes. I enter a different season, my hormones flare up, family cohesion shifts, I have to lay down another level of myself. I recognise that this is a dance that will continue throughout my life. The key is letting Jesus lead in the dance and following His steps. I am amazed but shouldn’t be at the difference that happens when I am walking in His presence, praying and tapping in to his peace and joy. The situations around me may remain the same and may rage at times. I am sheltered in the midst of the storm. I hear the wind and waves and may even get wet from the spray but I am not consumed by the water. When hit with situations I feel out of control in, I am learning how to let go and rest instead of trying to plan and control.

This post is part of the Five Minute Friday challenge, where writers come together to write for 5 minutes unedited on a prompt word. This week’s word was “control” and you can read what thoughts others had on it here.

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