The Gift of Limitations

Do you know what I’ve realised? In my quest to grow as a person and lead myself well, I switched into thinking that limitations were simply a problem that I needed to solve with the right strategy or amount of effort. This wasn’t a conscious thought and my words said the opposite. But deep down, I was trying to eliminate all signs of being fragile. What if those limitations are actually a key to growth and self-leadership?

“In my finite life, the mundane has begun to sparkle. The things I love- the things I should love- become clearer, brighter.”

Kate Bowler- No Cure For Being Human

This is the gift of our limited and fragile human existence if we embrace it. When we stop trying to do it all and ignoring those limits, we find what is truly important. Instead of splitting our efforts in so many directions, we can target that energy into a few. Days when I have completely open space on my calendar often get filled up with meaningless busy work. Short time blocks between other commitments often see me focused on the most important task and getting it done. I home in on the priority within the limits.

You can read the rest of this post on the Kinwomen blog. I am honoured to be one of their writers and this was originally published there.