The sweetness of shared moments (Five Minute Friday)

It has been a long time since I participated in Five Minute Friday and I have missed the way it spurs me to write and pulls different things out of me with its prompt words. If you don’t know, Five Minute Friday gives you a prompt word and you set a timer for five minutes and write- no editing allowed. This is a challenge for me. Getting back into it today with the prompt word “share” so here we go….

Do you ever spend time with your child and have your breath stolen away by the sweetness of a moment? I have noticed that so often it is the shared moments that hold the greatest joy. The times spent colouring together and hearing her voice encouraging me on how beautiful my colouring is with such a genuine heart. The squeals of tickle fights on the bed. The snuggles when she draws close and reaches for her favourite security “blanky”- my hair. The spark of life and joy that flashes in her eyes as she looks at me in the middle of play. 
I get teary thinking of the day when these moments will be no more. My four year old gets bigger, older and more independent with each day. Until then, I treasure up these memories. It is a reminder to me to be on my phone less, to put less priority on my housework or to do list and be intentional in making opportunities to share moments. No amount of stuff will ever amount to the joy and love that abound in these precious seconds of time when the world stops for an instant and there is only her and me. 

Time’s up!
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