The Thankful Thursday link up is launched!

One of my favourite posts to write each week of the Write 31 Days 2015 challenge was my Thankful Thursday post. The weekly habit of stopping to write a list of what I was thankful for in the previous week refocused my mind to notice the good in my life- the big and the little things- and develop gratitude. I made the decision to keep these as a regular feature. This progressed to opening up a link up to encourage others in their pursuit of noticing good and developing gratitude. Link up at the bottom of this post.

Here is my Thankful Thursday list for this week:

  • Children’s pain and fever medication- my little girl has been down with a nasty virus this week leaving her screaming in pain with high fever and unable to even tolerate being touched or held (a major change for our cuddlebug). The difference between when she was adequately medicated was chalk and cheese. I’m not a fan of overusing medication but I am so very grateful that I live in a country and have the resources where these are available. I have shed tears thinking of those families (e.g. Syrian refugees) where this is a tremendous luxury and they have to watch their children suffer and die.

  • Breathtaking sunset made even sweeter being shared on a date with my husband. The bliss of having 15 minutes to sit quietly and enjoy the glory unfolding before us.

  • Great parks and playgrounds in our city 
  • Shoots starting to sprout from the surprise flower seeds I planted. Still have no idea what they will be!
  • Keeping my succulents alive on my window sill. I usually have black thumbs.