Weary: Five Minute Friday

It is Friday night. My daughter is FINALLY asleep. My husband is out doing the grocery shopping (oh yes, I have an awesome husband!). After a busy day and a full week, I am weary. Today I don’t see that as a negative. I am weary from serving an amazing bunch of ladies at MOPS, building relationships there. I am weary from putting myself out there to meet new people at a 2016 Kindy kids playdate. I am weary from wrestling through a very unexpected decision with God. I am weary from working in a job I love with people who build me up. I am weary from interrupted sleep and early mornings that are still a hundred times better than they used to be.

Those are some awesome things to weary me. There is a purpose to the weariness. It is there to remind me that God made me to need rest. He designed my body, mind and emotions to let me know when to stop and restore my body and soul. So tonight, I write. I read encouraging things. I drink yummy drinks and take time for me.

This post was written for the prompt word “weary” from Five Minute Friday.