What cracks in your foundations are holding you back from growth?

Foundations are the hidden parts of buildings that we rarely think about and yet are vital to the stability and form of the structure. The higher you want to build, the deeper and more secure the foundation requirements. The foundation needed for a single story small home in the suburbs is very different from the foundation needed to support a high rise building in the city. Cracks and imperfections in the foundation soon become evident throughout the building. Our lives are no different.

This past week has been kind of like a slap in the face– a slap I needed but not comfortable! Through a coaching session and other inputs, the foundations that I have been building my dreams and goals on were laid bare to me. I have been pointing to the cracks in the building and the spots that are crumbling without truly digging deeper to the root cause in the foundation. I have tried to patch up those cracks without the greater and more challenging work of fixing the underlying structure.

So what foundation issues have been laid bare in my life? Fear– of what others will think, failure, success– and a belief that I am not good enough to have those dreams. There it is in black and white for all to see. Having faced these particular gremlins multiple times in my life, I had kidded myself that I had dealt with them and moved forward. And I had in many ways. They never fully go away though. You beat them back to the point where you can do the next brave thing in front of you but they wait around the corner of your next pivot or leap ahead. I could choose to stay where I am and not have to face the next battle instalment. What would that cost me though?

These foundations and level of healing were adequate to the smaller structure of my life that I have built up to this point. This next leap ahead will only be possible by strengthening and deepening the footings. I have committed to doing this hard work.

I cannot do this work on my own. It is too easy to feel justified in excuses, shrink to stay comfortable and fool myself that I am changing without the mirror of someone dedicated to helping you to grow. The impact of having another person call out the potential they see in you as well as the junk getting in the way is huge. I want to be that person for others too.

What about you? When was the last time you truly laid bare what you are actually building your life on rather than what you say you are? When was the last time you had someone speak into your life with truth and power to cut through the rubbish to the heart of the issue? What role are fear and the stories you tell yourself having on your growth and goals?

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