What I learned (or relearned) in August

It feels like only a week or two ago that I was writing my July post! It took me a long time to get my thoughts together to even realise what I have learned or relearned this month. I guess that’s a good indication of how full my mind and days have been. So here is my list of the fun, frivolous, serious and deep.

  • I love tulips-we took a family day to the Araluen Botanical Park for the start of the tulip season there. It was a stunning winter’s day and a great day out.

  • A funeral can be both gut-wrenching and faith building- I wrote about a recent loss in my July recap. Her funeral was held at the beginning of August. It was one of the most emotional funerals I have been to but also astounded me with how faith filled and encouraged I left it. Faith was the overriding legacy reflected on in the service.

  • A much anticipated sequel to one of your favourite books can leave you sorely disappointed and even crush the original story- I LOVE “To Kill a Mockingbird” and was really excited to see a sequel being released. I now know why Harper Lee was so reluctant to publish it for so long. Not only was the writing completely different from the original, it crushed the integrity and heroic image of a main character. I have advised friends who share my love of the first not to read the second.
  • Cuddling a sick little girl is both wonderful and awful- five days of illness resulted in a very weak and lethargic little girl so lots of cuddles for hours a day. I treasure these cuddles as I know she won’t fit on my lap for very much longer but I hate seeing her sick and suffering. I also hate seeing her lose so much weight when she has very little extra to start with!
  • Being intentional about putting in some planning for my blog motivates me to write- getting prepared for the Write 31 Days challenge has made more structure and planning essential for this blog. It may not show up as results until October but I am definitely spending more time getting posts together. I am really looking forward to sharing more thoughts with you and hopefully encouraging someone else.

This post is joining in with Emily Freeman in being intentional in tracking what we learn in our everyday lives. Check out what others have written here.

I’d love to hear what your biggest take away from August was.