What I learned this Spring

Today is the first day of summer, the first day of many of our Advent activities, the first day of the last month of the year. In the midst of looking forward to the Christmas season, I want to take some time to stop and reflect back on the season that is ending. I am increasingly thinking of my life in terms of seasons, both in terms of weather and seasons of what God is calling me to do. 
Here is what I learned this spring:

  • Momentum only lasts if you keep it up! I am able to achieve a whole month of posts, establish great momentum in my writing and lose it just as quickly. To say I loved writing in the Write 31 Days challenge would not quite be accurate but it did draw on a deep calling within me and that is a good feeling. I believe in what I wrote about and I am in the process of turning that series into a book. Finding the motivation to write has been so difficult since then, though. I find myself writing in fits and starts. This has made sense in this season as writing has not been a high priority. We will see what the next season brings for my writing.

  • I have far more good ideas in my head than I can act on! My to-do list each day vacillates from completely ridiculous in its expectations to almost empty. I have so many ideas and thoughts throughout the day that never come to fruition both from busyness at times and plain forgetfulness and can’t-be-botherdness at others. I have to learn how to sift through them more realistically and prioritise more. The lure of easy distractions can be too great at times.

  • I’m going to be a calisthenics mum. My five-year-old daughter was asking to do dance and gymnastics classes. Calisthenics was a great option for including both. She did a four-week trial this term before deciding that she loves it and wants to continue next year. Time will tell if she sticks with it for the long-term, but for now, I will be a calisthenics mum. 
  • Transitioning to a new church campus requires more grieving than anticipated. Our church launched its new campus recently. Most of my friends and my daughter’s friends remained at the existing campus. I am struggling to adjust far more than I thought. I anticipated being more excited but right now, I mostly feel sad and not at home yet. I am so glad that we have this campus to impact the community and know I will get to a place of belonging. For now, I am giving myself space and time to grieve and adjust.

  • Leadership sets a fire to my heart. Stepping into a new level of leadership has drawn out a passion for leadership learning in me. I am thriving on learning new things and am passionate about communicating that to other leaders. I feel a tug to call out leadership in others, especially those who don’t see it in themselves, just as others have done for me.
This list was deeper than I intended when I first started writing. It is indicative of the season I have come through. Some seasons are light and fluffy. Others are gritty and rough. I will embrace them all as they come.

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