What is it going to take?

What is it going to take to make those changes in your life that you know are needed? What is it going to take to start to uncover some of those mindsets and habits that are hovering in your blindspot, holding you back? What makes the difference between a dream becoming a reality or staying unexplored on that mental shelf?


Fear is such an insidious presence in our lives that we stop recognising it often. It is this fear allowed to stay hidden behind excuses, defensiveness and faulty thinking patterns that ends up driving our behaviour and decision making. I see it in my own life time and time and time again. I think I have it squashed and then see another layer or nuance crop up. I could choose to be discouraged by this. I had some moments of that over the past week as I recognised another area that I was allowing fear to drive. Instead, I am choosing to see this as an invitation to practise courage.

I used to think that you had to feel courageous before you took action. Now I don’t think it works that way too often. Sure, there is a baseline of courage that we can tap into. For me, that comes through my faith. The trust I have in God and in who I am because of His presence in my life does give me that foundation to stand on if I cultivate that in my life.

The fuller expression of courage for a particular situation, plan or dream only comes when I take the next step and then the next. Do it scared. Do it before you think you are really ready (not throwing out wisdom and preparation but not letting fear and perfection stand in your way).

I am reminding myself of these truths this week as this journey of growth and leadership continues to invite me onwards. I don’t want fear to keep me in this comfort zone. I don’t want fear to limit the influence and impact I can have in my community and my world.

Where is fear holding you back in your life right now? What is your next step forward that can help usher in that next bit of courage you need?