• releasing my book

    What I’ve learned since releasing my book

    A whole year has gone by since ‘Stepping Up In Leadership’ made its debut out into the world. Honestly, it feels like longer with everything else that this year has contained. This anniversary seems like a good opportunity to stop and reflect on what I’ve learned since releasing my book. The basic facts about the book: The book is called ‘Stepping Up In Leadership: Reflections from the journey’ and is available through my website, Koorong online and most online booksellers. It is available as an ebook on Kindle, iBooks, Nook and Kobo. What is it about? I self-published through Ingram Spark. I paid an editor to work on the manuscript…

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  • Create

    Create more than consume

    Find an audio version of this post here. Have you ever stopped to consider how much information, entertainment and external noise you consume in a day? There is a staggering amount available in the palm of our hands and that is increasing at rates my brain cannot process. I have started to recognise the impact this level of consumption has on my headspace, my emotions and my creativity. I have acknowledged my distraction addiction many times. This intention on my 2020 manifesto takes it a step further. I want to create more than I consume.

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