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I inspire women and young people to embrace their identity as leaders and to learn to lead themselves well, and I equip them with practical next steps so they can thrive in leadership in whichever arena of life they find themselves.

Talk topics

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Do it scared

Lessons learned through my own journey with fear and developing into a confident leader by “doing it scared.”

Drivers in your leadership

Explore the “why” behind your leadership, including the shadow side drivers.

Barriers to saying yes to leadership

From feeling inadequate to weighing up the impact on relationships to your view of your own personality

What do you need to be a great leader

Assessing your own leadership needs

Leading yourself: through faith

Driving your faith journey deeper to sustain and propel your leadership journey

Leading yourself: through self-care

Prioritising rest, developing life rhythms, nutrition and exercise

Confessions of a phone addicted mum

Tips and strategies for tackling phone addiction from someone on the same journey

Developing and communicating vision

For those who don’t consider themselves visionary. Discover your unique way of engaging with vision.

What others are saying

” Jodi is a mum who intentionally experiences life to the full. This makes her relatable to a wide range of people. I have found Jodi’s leadership presentations to be authentic, engaging and practical. She is a woman to seeks to lead herself first and to encourage other leaders from her own experiences and learning. Jodi is insightful and succinct in presenting the key elements of her topic.”
“She understands leadership within a framework that encompasses the Bible, listening to God, awareness of family and awareness of self. Her talks are ideally targeted towards women, especially mothers of young children seeking to serve God even in this season of their lives when it might feel impossible. I have seen Jodi incorporate practical ‘exercises’ into a presentation for fuller engagement with her audience.” 

Lexia Smallwood

Former Managing Director, MOPS Australia

“Jodi speaks with intention and encouragement. She prompts listeners to grow and develop in a gentle manner, with the voice of one who is continually on a journey of self-leadership, with a desire for progress, but extending grace to herself and listeners for the moments that bring a halt. Jodi doesn’t wave at you from the summit, but reaches back a hand to help you take the next step up the mountain.”

Jessica Denholm

Conference Coordinator, MOPS Australia

About me

I’m Jodi (Jo) Koepke

I spend my days sharing words of encouragement for women who lead (in their homes, businesses or ministries), finding my way through the beautiful mess of parenting and relationships, and geeking out on technology. 

I am the Managing Director for MOPS Australia, training and supporting leaders from around Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam.

I am a writer as well as a speaker. My first book, “Stepping Up In Leadership: Reflections from the journey”, is available on my website, Amazon, Koorong online or on Kindle, iBooks and Nook.

I am also a self-leadership coach with Lead Different, heading up the development of a coaching program for teenagers.

You can find my regular writing at jokoepke.com and my podcast “Inspiritment from Jo Koepke” on your favourite podcast app.