As I curl up in my cozy warm bed while a storm blows outside, I’m overwhelmed at the thought of the homeless in my city, the displaced in Nepal, the refugees around the world escaping war and disease, the incredibly poor. My mind cannot fathom why I have this comfort and they don’t. There are so many people, children dying from starvation right at this moment. I’m full and my fridge is overflowing with leftovers. What is so special about me? I am reminded to be so grateful for what I consider basics.
My comfort also becomes a trap, though. How easy is it to stay in my safe bubble and choose not to think about all the pain and suffering happening right now, to grow discontent with what I have. What comfort am I willing to give up so that someone else may experience life? What about the hurting right on my door step? What comfort am I willing to forgo to share life with them, to meet a need with friendship, practical needs and sharing the truth that I know? I haven’t been great at doing this. I feel all fired up and inspired for a moment then return to status quo.
My challenge to myself for today: giving up a comfort or stepping out of a comfort zone to meet someone where they are and come alongside them or use what I have to touch someone I will likely never meet. Will you accept that challenge?
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