Feeling resistance to “intentional”- a Five Minute Friday post

Intentional. It is something that I think about and write about often. It is what I aspire to be in many areas of my life. The planning I do, the way I parent, my relationship with God and with people. Intentional is what I want to describe all of it. and yet, part of me is rebelling against that concept today. In a season where being intentional feels more important than ever and a year of having “savour” as my word, it feels weighty. It feels overwhelming. It feels like an unattainable goal.

Maybe you can relate to that. Maybe you only have moments of it or maybe your whole self resists the push to be intentional. For me, it is moments. How do I push through those moments? Should I even be pushing through those moments? For me, I realised that I have to come back to my purpose behind wanting to be intentional. I need to narrow my focus down to what is important, what my priorities are. I can get into phases of pursuing so many good things in my life, of seeking to grow and develop in multiple areas at once. I need to pull it back at times. I’m guessing now is one of those times and the source of the resistance to “intentional” is my soul’s early warning system. I choose to pay attention to that and save intentional for what really matters right now.

This post is for the Five Minute Friday prompt word “intentional”. Every Friday a bunch of writers set a timer for five minutes and write unedited on a prompt word. You can read what others have written here.

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