Find: A Five Minute Friday post

As I start to get into gear, preparing for Write 31 Days, I wonder where I’ll find the time, the motivation, the inspiration. Where do I find the energy, the mental focus to do any of the things I want to do? Where do I find the solution for sleep issues, for my own frustrating behaviours that eat up my day?
The more I look, the more I realise that I’m often looking for the wrong things. To find what I need, I need to recognise what I need more. What actually energises me? What inspires me? What stops me finding those things?
Am I finding more of my true self when writing? Am I finding more of a long buried dream? Am I finding the words that fight to stay hidden? 
I don’t really have answers to any of these questions yet. I didn’t really know I had all of them until my fingers started typing them. 

This post was written as part of Five Minute Friday- writing in a five minute time limit on a prompt word without editing (ok I struggle with that bit and do read over as I go) and allowing free reign to thoughts. Have a look at what others have written here: