Making choices in my everyday life

It’s dark. It’s cold. My swimming bag is packed. My coffee is sitting in the thermos, made the night before. I’ve been dreaming about sleeping through my alarm, missing swimming and not being unhappy about it! I have a choice to make. I can use excuses to justify staying in bed or I can make the decision to get up and go to the pool. I can choose comfort now or growth later. I can choose to get back into my routine after a holiday break or stay in holiday mode for another day.

I make the choice to get up, get changed and do it. As hard as it is to do that, I am not disappointed. I am reminded of how much I need this space away from technology and from demands to quiet my soul. This is my space to pray, to think, to dream and to plan. Swimming has become a dual purpose activity of strengthening my body for my physical health and restoring my soul for my mental and emotional health. This pre-dawn time sets the tone for my day.

I am becoming more and more aware of how these everyday choices add up to be our lives. I recognise how often I make the choice for my immediate comfort at the expense of what I want my life to be or the person I want to be. I also see a shift in myself. I acknowledge the growth that has happened over the past year. I never want to be stagnant and stuck but I never want to be constantly striving and discontent either. I am learning to walk in this tension point of seeking to grow while not being harsh with myself for the mistakes I make and the times I slip up. I am giving up on perfection (or at least I am working on that!)

What about you? What choice do you have in front of you right now? I’m not talking about that big decision or major life-changing choice but the simple, everyday one that you could easily overlook. Will you choose the option that brings immediate comfort or gratification or the one that inches you forward to the life you want to be living?

Leading yourself: Identifying and creating a deliberate future

James Bryant- Lead Different

As I left the pool, the temperature dropped further. I get in my car, crank up the heater and then I am captured by the early tinges of dawn creeping up. The hints of light brightening up the sky. It is a new day filled with new possibilities, choices to make and moments to live. As quickly as time seems to be flying, I don’t want to miss this day. I will make mistakes. I won’t always make the choices that are for my best. I will get sucked into technology more than I’d like. I will write. I will love. I will do laundry. I will live this day. Will you?

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