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My favourite things this winter

I sit here in a beanie and Oodie, with the heater pulled in close. It has been a very wet and cold (for Perth standards!) winter. My office and house are always cold. I am constantly seeking comfort and warmth. It got me thinking about some of my favourite things over these past few months so I am sharing them with you. I know some of you are roasting in summer weather right now so maybe this list will be a helpful prep list.

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Health and well-being

Winter brings germs at the best of times. Despite extra vigilance in hygiene since the pandemic, my daughter and I have still battled multiple colds already this winter. For me, I know this is a sign that I have been run down and I have been working on taking care of my physical health more.

These are a few things that have been helping me.

Lectio 365 app: Listening to the night devotional on this app has been so helpful in winding down my mind and relaxing my body. Sleep is critical for immune support and general health. I don’t always give it the proper priority it deserves.

Throat coat tea from iHerb: When your voice is a major part of your business, you need to take care of it! Colds tend to hit my throat hard. This tea has been invaluable. So soothing.

Baobab powder also from iHerb: This gives a delicious Vitamin C boost. I add it to oats in the morning, to smoothies and also a warm drink from a Trim Healthy Mama recipe book.

Fruu colour tinted lip balm: This one is more in a pampering/makeup category in some ways. And yet, keeping lips moisturised in cold weather is a challenge. I love the ability to add some quick fun colour while doing it.


Anyone else tend to go into hibernation mode in the winter? I love staying cozy at home but also recognise the benefit I get from seeking out new experiences and making memories over the winter months. Sometimes our favourite things aren’t ‘things’ at all but experiences.

Reading: I definitely read more in winter. I LOVE being tucked up under a blanket with a good book. This is even more true this year as my family gave me a Kindle Paperwhite for my birthday. A vast collection of books at my fingertips without the distraction of other apps on my phone or tablet. It has been blissful.

Indoor mini-golf with friends: We had so much fun playing mini-golf at Chillisaurus using a Groupon voucher. The wet and wild days have made outdoor activities very unappealing. This invitation came at the perfect time for my daughter who was feeling cabin fever. COVID makes planning for activities extra challenging. We may have been in masks that week but I am grateful that we were out of lockdown that week.

The Great Valley Rally: a family scavenger hunt around the Swan Valley using a Messenger bot. It was such a great way to spend my birthday and kept all of us entertained. We even learned a few things along the way.


I have been working on something fun. It will be a long-term expanding project but I think it is ready to release into the world. I have been creating designs around quotes from my book and words of inspiration to sell as a variety of products on RedBubble. I have several other planned designs that will end up on there too. This has been a creative outlet for me that may even have the bonus of generating a little bit of income.

From stickers and notebooks to mugs and apparel, there is a wide variety of options to bring some inspiration and encouragement into your everyday.

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