Seasons of growth and seasons of being dormant

Have you ever thought about how in order for a plant to grow, it needs seasons of being dormant, especially at the seed stage? So often I think of growth as this continuous push forward and yet that is not the picture we find in nature in many ways. I have experienced this in my life too. There have been seasons where it has felt desolate and like there will never be growth again. And yet here I am today.
Do I allow myself the time to be still and recharge to let the growing time happen? We talk about children having growth spurts. We know that they grow fairly constantly but there are seasons of marked changes with little to no visible change in between. That is what my spiritual and soul growth has been like. I am certainly in a growth spurt season and it stretches and even hurts at times. The trick is to build in those times of stillness as well.

What areas of your life, soul or spirit have you demanded constant growth without the stillness and times of being dormant? Maybe you need to build in that down time and allow those seasons to change. Are you in one of those dormant seasons? Take heart. They don’t last forever, even when they seem unending at the time. They are necessary times that will build growth in the future.

Inspired by the Five Minute Friday prompt word: grow. It was written by Five Minute Friday guidelines- five minutes of free write without editing. Making this series achievable this week!
This post is part of a series for Write 31 Days called “For Your Encouragement.” I am taking requests from readers on what they want encouragement about and responding to the best of my ability. I would love to hear from you.

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