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    What would I change about ‘Stepping Up In Leadership’?

    It has been two years since ‘Stepping Up In Leadership’ was released into the world. Two years doesn’t seem like much time in some ways. Then I stop and consider the change in my leadership role, leaving my employment for my own business and a global pandemic hitting. Two years can contain a huge amount of growth, pain, learning and stretching. Earlier this year the audiobook version was released. Reading through each word carefully as I recorded it had me thinking about what would be different if I was to write the book today. What would I change? What hasn’t changed I’ll start with one thing that definitely has not…

  • releasing my book

    What I’ve learned since releasing my book

    A whole year has gone by since ‘Stepping Up In Leadership’ made its debut out into the world. Honestly, it feels like longer with everything else that this year has contained. This anniversary seems like a good opportunity to stop and reflect on what I’ve learned since releasing my book. The basic facts about the book: The book is called ‘Stepping Up In Leadership: Reflections from the journey’ and is available through my website, Koorong online and most online booksellers. It is available as an ebook on Kindle, iBooks, Nook and Kobo. What is it about? I self-published through Ingram Spark. I paid an editor to work on the manuscript…

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